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Beschreibung / Description

We provide swiss quality engineering, consulting, planning, procurement, maintenance, standardisation, monitoring and opitmization of electrical power plants and plant processes. Independant consultant engineer M.Eng., power engineering, energy consulting, electrical power industry, virtual power plant VPP, combined cycle power plant, steam turbine, gas turbine, CCPP, coal fired power plant, combined heat and power, industrial power plant, waste-to-energy plant, efficiency and environmental reports, production and economic reports, forecast and plant reliability, electronic operators logfile, plant knowledge management, ebsilon application development.

Adresse / Adress

Dipl.-Ing. / M.Sc.Eng. (MSE) S. Jagtiani
Bodenackerstrasse 16c
8330 Pfäffikon ZH, / ZH

Swiss Engineering & Consulting Network

Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting comprises a team of professional consultants with a unique blend of skills and knowledge in engineering, construction and IT-system development.

Our business is based on developing a thorough understanding of our clients' real needs and developing solutions, that simultaneously improve the business processes. Our overall concept includes consulting, planning, engineering, procurement, maintenance, standardization, monitoring and optimization in the power plant- and process industry.

The objective of our business is the optimization and accurate control of the power plant processes in order to achieve an efficient power plant operation with maximum specific power and heat generation under given local conditions. This enables to save the resources and achieve the highest possible plant efficiency and environmental protection.

Power Plant Mechanical Engineering and Construction

Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting is experienced with tasks auch as development, planning, constructing, as well as with the project management of fossil-fired power plants, and with their processes.

Power plant engineering is our core business, our clients can trust our experience with planning tasks, from concept development to construction management and plant commissioning.

Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting plans and optimizes every type of fossil-fired power plants, handles all contact sections is of civil and process engineering through mechanical engineering to electrical and I&C engineering for the following plant types:

  • steam, gas turbine and combined cycle power plants
  • coal-fired power plants
  • combined heat and power plants
  • industrial power plants
  • waste-to-energy plants

  • Basic and Detail Engineering

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting plans and optimizes all kind of components for power generation, we develop customized all-inclusive solutions for power supply and we offer services for public utilities and industrial bulk consumers.

    In the sector of renewable energies, our international reputed experts take on a range of tasks for conceptual engineering, detailed planning and supervision of construction and installation on behalf of private and government clients.

    Also playing a major part in renewable energies are cross-disciplinary activities, such as market analyses, due diligence appraisals, drawing up and evaluating government promotion programs, participation in conferences, and membership of expert bodies, for example the Technical Committee for Regenerative Energies of the German Engineering Association, VDI.

    Project Management conceived for a successful project execution

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting provides a high quality service for project management.

    The supervision of the contractual execution and responsible for the cost- and time control of the equipment in a project is the major task.

    We are responsible for the guidance of engineers to conduct basic and detail engineering including the technical specifications, evaluations of the bids, procurement and technical follow-up till the commissioning of the equipment and acceptance tests.

    Part of our work is also the preview of project risks, drafting of budget for our clients, and the evaluation of derivations.

    For the execution of our projects and for the exchange of documents and information, we use the PowerEngineering web platform

    Contract & Claims Management

    Claims are an intrinsic characteristic and natural process of construction, engineering and project contracts. Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting provides a dedicated claims service for the energy-generation power plant industry.

    We have a wealth of experience in identifying, analyzing, preparing, and presenting claims and disputes on construction and engineering projects.

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting's general philosophy towards claim management is to apply a set of objective principles, established by international best practice, to determine entitlements and quantum in respect of claims.

    As a Contract & Claims Manager we work closely with the Claims Account Manager of our clients and other experts as one team, to provide a joined up claims management experience.

    Our Skills and Experiences

    Our skills are Basic and Detail Engineering including the preparation of technical specifications, evaluation of the bids, and the final selection of equipment and suppliers.

    We are familiar with the evaluation of the optimal parameters for the specification of the equipment and procurement of the major equipment of the water-/steam process, and the settings of codes and guidelines for component specifications and concepts in power plants.

    Furthermore we design and engineer EBSILON models for a process monitoring system of power plants, which are used for the performance calculation of the water-/steam process for performance acceptance testing and risk analysis.

    As a successful Project Manager we know how to bring together the definition and control elements and operate them efficiently. We have the leadership skills to practice the organisational abilities of a project because we constantly look to the future. We lead by example, and we provide opportunities for our other team members to manage parts of the project.

    Download actual and detailed CV

    Energy Consulting

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting offers a comprehensive range of technical and economic expertise in the energy field.

    Our international experience in variously organized energy markets delivers the guarantee that we are able to provide competent consulting services for all current issues from energy procurement through to efficient energy use.

    Our Industry and Business knowledge and experiences are used to help the customer to achieve their business goals in short duration and at the same time keep in touch with the latest technologies.

    Our activities in consulting for the Power Generation Industry contain:

  • Efficiency and Environmental reports
  • Production and Economic reports
  • Forecast and Plant reliability reports
  • Electronic operators logfile
  • Plant knowledge-management database
  • EBSILON added value application development

  • Power Plant Information & Management Systems

    Quantifying costs, identifying improved operating practices and automation of plant and business processes are all fundamental to run a successfully business in deregulated market areas.

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting provides the following Information and Management System services for the Power Plant- and Process Industry:

  • Review of existing information systems
  • Strategy setting
  • Added Value Application design, build and implementation, such as Development of advanced control applications
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) design and selection
  • Plant database management
  • Alarm definition and management
  • Activities for a successful Plant Operations:

  • Review of plant operating procedures
  • Plant performance analysis and investigation
  • Monitoring and reporting of plant performance and operation
  • Plant Equipment specification, assessment, selection and management

  • Document Management Solutions

    Document Management Systems (DMS) are made up of software designed to manage all types of documents, including scanned, electronic and paper.

    All documents are stored in a single repository that facilitates all actions that need to take place from search and retrieval to e-mail and printing.

    A Document-Management-System provides a central repository for all documents and data related to individual products: from technical specifications, to sketches, to 3D CAD models, to design drawings, to bills of materials, to office documents.

    It gives users across your enterprise access to all the information they need. And it provides rich, powerful functionality for workflow, digital archiving, and knowledge management.

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting's aim is to get an applicable DMS tool for our clients. Such a software system fulfils all standard DMS requirements, it is designed according to valid norms standards, and it satisfies our clients and their (utility-) clients and their employees. Our suggested DMS solutions allow our clients to work with a very high degree of efficiency and quality.

    Technical Service for our Clients

    Jagtiani Engineering & Consulting provides a range of system integration, development and IT services from design through implementation to support.

    We have developed the required skills and experiences in order to provide high quality IT Management and Computer Services.

    Our business is based on developing a thorough understanding of our client's real needs and developing solutions which improve the clients business processes.

    We offer a comprehensive range of services and each of them can be tailored to suit your individual needs:

  • Knowledge-Management for the Power Plant- and Process Industry
  • Analyzing Information Flow
  • Risk Management for Projects
  • Plant Management Systems for all kind of Power Plants
  • Value added solutions
  • "ebsilon(R)" Software Solutions, Development of model applications
  • Software Training

  • Power Plant Management-System (PMS)

    Modern management systems help to reduce the costs and increase the overall efficiency of processes for an economic operation.

    The Plant-Management-System PMS for all kinds of new and existing power plants is necessary for the optimization and accurate control of the power plant processes in order to achieve a most efficient power plant operation.

    The PMS is used for an economic plant operation due to it's Maintenance- and Spare part Management, its Energy Management, and its Knowledge (Document- and Project-) Management.

    The global deregulation of the energy markets offers the independent power producer and supplier to buy and sell their energy @ international energy-stock-markets.

    An independent self-organized Energy-Management-System of power plants (as a part of the PMS) enables self handling the decision as to where and when to buy which fuel, and where and when to sell which energy.

    Plant-Management-System Structure

    The Plant-Management-System PMS is integrated in the clients corporate management, it links the information from the corporation business units

  • Power generation
  • Plant operation
  • Product sales and procurement
  • for the continuous generation of an accurate knowledge about the technical and economical situation of the corporation, to achieve a most efficient operation mode.

    The Objective of the Plant-Management-System PMS is:

  • economic planning of fuel delivery and storage
  • economic planning for the delivery of heat and power
  • economic planning of major inspections and overhauls
  • continuous process optimization
  • optimal usage of contractual agreements.
  • The aim of such Plant-Management-System PMS is to :

  • reduce and optimize operating costs
  • increase the availability of the plant and / or their components
  • support the planning of maintenance (predictive maintenance).

  • Applications of a Plant-Management-System PMS

    The PMS applications provide services for a Data validation and acquisition of measured data, Data storage and archive for data warehousing, and tools for the calculation of plant economy values.

    Furthermore independent forecast simulation can be provided, such as a diagnosis support for the plant, function groups, or single components. The PMS is connected with Interfaces to other systems, and it has Remote access control via network or corporation software.

    Validated data are used for controlling and monitoring the existing power plants in operation. The data validation of the measurements covers the process, checks, and evaluations with a precision higher than the precision determined by the measured values.

    It therefore permits quality statements of the PMS, which are about each of the power plant components that have been evaluated.

    In addition the PMS data warehouse contents the project documentation e.g. manuals, technical data, component specification, and system description for an accurate knowledge management.

    Benefits of a Plant-Management-System PMS

    The Plant-Management-System PMS saves operation cost due to economical optimized operation of processes (Plant Optimization), a condition based maintenance of the plant (Maintenance Management), and immediate access to characteristics, costs, and performance values (Plant Economy).

    The PMS allows profit enhancement due to ...

  • accurate monitoring of interfaces to corporate customers (Plant Monitoring)
  • optimized outage and maintenance of the plant (Forecast calculation)
  • performance forecast calculation
  • off-line impact testing / outage planing
  • on-line sharing @ stock-markets (Energy Management)
  • Try the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) for a demonstration of such a Plant-Management-System PMS.

    The multi-functional Virtual Power Plant VPP

    The Virtual Power Plant VPP is a multi-functional tool for the presentation of the water-/steam processes of all kind of Power Plants.

    The Plant-Monitoring function in a VPP shows the effectiveness of a Plant-Management-System in a power plant.

    The VPP is a model of a steam generation power plant with monitoring function for the water-/steam process and exact component diagnosis.

    This system calculates the actual Plant Economy such as net efficiency or the long-term losses due to aging of the components.

    The results are used for the optimization of the water-/steam process. The virtual Powerplant VPP can be tested online (in German language):

    Power Plant- and Process-Monitoring

    The Monitoring function of a VPP is a simulation of a power plant where a Plant-Management-System is installed for monitoring of the water-/steam process and component diagnosis.

    The tool calculates the actual Plant Economy such as net efficiency or the losses due to aging of the components. The results are used to optimize the processes.

    The Monitoring functions of the VPP are:

  • Plant & Component Diagnosis shows the actual performance of the entire cycle and the benefits or losses of each component of the process
  • Plant Analysis presents process data in trend-curves or tables, this data can be easily exported to other software, and can be saved in a database for data warehousing
  • Plant Economy is an overview of net efficiency, heat rate, auxiliary consumption and other pre-defined data.

  • Optimization of Power Plants and Processes

    An economical operation of power plants requires a permanent knowledge of the process state with a satisfying accuracy. This is the foundation of any possible optimization.

    The VPP function "Plant Optimization" is used for the variation of power plant parameters and defined "What-If" calculations. Depending on the individual requirements of the user, different optimization strategies may apply.

    The calculation of Profit-/Loss is a benefit calculation of a thermal power plant with coupled district heating. The tool will do various "What-If"-calculations by varying the feedwater recirculation flow in the heating cycle during various amount of thermal District Heating. The profit is calculated by summarizing the fuel costs, power price, and heat price for each vary. The optimum of these calculations is the maximum profit.

    The calculation of Electric Power Loss due to district heating is an example for an economical benefit value.

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    Energy News & Reports

    Swiss voting 18th May environmentally friendly energies

    In the cantons of Bern, Neuchâtel, Solothurn and St. Gallen the swiss populatiom voted on several energy proposals. The results may summatized to "Change yes, but with a common sense in the energy policy".

    In the canton of Bern the poulatiom has cleary rejected the initiative "Disconnet the Nuclear Power Plant Muhlenberg from the network". The population supports the decision to take Muhlenberg in 2019 coordinated and cost-effective from the grid. The owner "BKW" aims for implementing various retrofit projects for the remaining years of operation, and has saved 200 million swiss francs.

    In Neuchâtel and Jura up to 59 wind turbines can be built within 5 zones. The voters rejected an initiative to environmental groups and the counter-proposal with 65.05 percent of votes in proportion were accepted. This offers the Swiss wind energy great expansion possibilities. So far, in Switzerland 33 large sized wind generators, with a capacity of more than 500 kilowatts are in operation.

    The canton St.Gallen increased contributions to the promotion of environmentally friendly energies from 2.5 million a year to 5.4 million swiss francs . An even more far-reaching initiative of the socialist party "SP" for 50 million swiss francs had no chance.

    Germany losing prestige in energy transition, study reveals

    The German Energiewende (energy transition) - once an international model - threatens to disintegrate. Now is the time to develop a common European energy strategy, experts say. EurActiv Germany reports.

    "Germany would be well-advised to start looking beyond the edge of its nose on energy policy", warned Bert Rürup, former "economic wise man" and director of the Handelsblatt Research Institute.

    Rürup’s statement came during the presentation of the most comprehensive international comparative study on energy policy that has been conducted up till now. Conducted by the Handelsblatt Research Institute on behalf of General Electric, the study reveals a surprising result: Germany is losing its leading international role in energy policy and the prestigious Energiewende project threatens to fall to pieces.

    In the Federal Republic, the energy issue is being debated from purely national viewpoints and is dominated by the feeling that all other countries could learn from the Germans, Rürup explained.

    In fact Germany was envied and admired for a long time for its Energiewende, indicated Stephan Reimelt, president and managing director of GE Energy Deutschland. But those times are over now; admiration from abroad has turned to "ridicule", said Reimelt, and "that is dramatic".

    Renewables must be generated where they can be most efficiently and competitively produced, according to the research institute’s director said. Suitable locations for solar power systems are in the Mediterranean, while wind farms should be placed in the North Sea and on the Atlantic coast – "not in the middle of Germany", Rürup criticised.

    Finally, the current conflict with Russia could serve as a catalyst for a European energy strategy, Rürup said in closing, in light of growing pressure to escape from Russian oil and gas.

    Socialists reject Russian motion over South Stream

    A non-binding resolution denouncing Russian pressure on Eastern European countries failed to receive the support of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament, out of fear it might derail a "strategic" project for Bulgaria.

    Knut Fleckenstein, a German S&D member, said during the debate in Strasbourg that it was “not an appropriate time for such a resolution to be adopted”, ahead of the quadrilateral meeting in Geneva on 17 April.

    Although drafted by the five main political groups in the Parliament, the S&D members withdrew their support because of a paragraph related to the planned construction of the Russian-backed South Stream pipeline in Southeastern Europe.

    The European Parliament “takes the view that the South Stream pipeline should not be built, and that other sources of supply should be made available,” reads paragraph 28 of the resolution.

    Bulgaria distressed

    South Stream was born in 2007, as a response to the EU’s failed Nabucco pipeline, and is meant to supply Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy with natural gas. However last year, in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis, the European Commission suspended discussions with Moscow over the pipeline and declared the South Stream agreements “illegal” in the eyes of EU law, leaving some of those countries, which are heavily dependent on Russian energy, in turmoil.

    For Bulgaria, the building of the Russian pipeline is “of strategic importance”, said the Bulgarian energy minister, Dragomir Stoynev, who spoke to reporters on 17 April.

    "South Stream is a long-term infrastructure project of strategic importance," Stoynev said. "Now they want to stop South Stream. How are we to develop? This crisis shows that we do not have security of natural gas supplies for Bulgaria," he said.

    Bulgarian MEPs raised similar concerns in Strasbourg, in the presence of the EU Commissioner in charge of neighbourhood policy. MEP Iliana Yotova asked the Commission whether it had assessed “who will suffer the most” if the project was stopped. When Russia froze gas flows in 2009, it cost Bulgarians €250 million, she recalled, asking for “guarantees to cover the consequences” in the event of an escalation of sanctions.

    Stoynev raised some of his country’s most pressing questions. “Why, for example do we not cut gas supplies through North Stream? This is one concrete measure. But it seems that South Stream should be sacrificed, and we have to put up with it. No, Bulgaria, this government will stand up for the national interest," he said, quoted by Reuters.

    Bulgaria is heavily dependent on Moscow for energy supplies, similarly to many other Eastern European countries such as Slovakia or Hungary, and most of them oppose heavy European sanctions against Russia.

    Commission pushes renewable energy into the free market

    Renewable energy subsidies that helped spur Europe’s €48-billion-a-year clean energy industry are to be phased out across the continent, under new market-friendly state aid rules announced by the European Commission Wednesday (9 April).

    "It is time for renewables to join the market,” the Commission's competition chief, Joaquin Almunia, said in a statement. “The new guidelines provide a framework for designing more efficient public support measures that reflect market conditions, in a gradual and pragmatic way."

    Under the new rules, renewable energy subsidies will have to be replaced by market-based mechanisms for all but the smallest of clean electricity generators by 2017, following a pilot phase that will start next year.

    Feed-in tariffs will be replaced by feed-in premiums that expose renewables to market signals, while energy infrastructure and cross-border schemes will also to some extent be protected, and 68 energy intensive sectors will be singled out for subsidies. Aid may also be earmarked for measures to keep the lights on through capacity mechanisms should power cuts threaten.

    More generally though, competitive bidding processes will become the rule, forcing power generators to sell electricity on the market with balancing responsibilities for “short-term deviations” from delivery commitments.

    EU states will be obliged to use premiums – top-up’s on the going price – as support instruments to integrate renewables into the market.

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